Gia's Pizzeria opened in October 2009. It is truly the definition of a family owned and operated restaurant. Frank and Lynn Guerrieri, owner/operators, are always in the restaurant. Frank makes everything, from the dough and sauces, down to the croutons in the Gam's Crouton soup, daily, to ensure the fresh quality and consistency of his own homemade recipes. Lynn can be found several times a week at the door, greeting her guests or chatting with them in the dining room. Occasionally, you'll even see their daughter, Gia (hence the name of the restaurant) "pretending to hostess" just like her mommy.

This business is like second nature to both Frank & Lynn. Ron & JoAnne "Mama Q" Quaranta, Lynn's parents, have been in the restaurant business for over 60 years.  Caffe' Capri is a successful result of their hard work and dedication. Frank's family owns Santisi IGA supermarkets, which are found throughout the Mahoning and Trumbull counties. As children, they both grew up in the business and learned to appreciate the dynamics of a self-owned family business. Frank and Lynn opened this restaurant with the dream of teaching those values to their children, hoping they will carry on the legacy.